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Meet Marie Ysais Ė SEO Expert
Marie Ysais, an SEO and digital marketing professional for over 10 years, has been actively working with local businesses in the practice of Search Engine Optimization.

Marie Ysais has SEO audits, SEO on-site optimization, SEO recommendations, SEO implementation, and SEO on going management for clients in Austin.

5 Skills Every SEO Expert Must Have

Itís doesnít matter whether your business is small, medium or large if you want to hire a professional SEO Consultant this will require some thought. Without the following qualities, your optimization campaign wonít succeed. These skills will make the consultant unique and successful. Now letís talk about those skills to be considered before hiring a local SEO Expert for your business in Austin.

How Many Years of Experience do they have?To know whether he/she is an expert or not you have to know their years of experience working with local businesses. A highly-experienced expert SEO pro can tell you exactly what you need for your site and how they will execute it. We have over 10 years of experience working with local businesses right here in Austin and the surrounding cites.

Problem Solving Skills

Each website and industry is different in regards to optimization. The SEO expert must have great problem solving skills so they can overcome any obstacle and help each client. We work with many different industries and are the #1 SEO Expert in Austin.

Communication skills

We all know communication is the key for success. A professional SEO consultant needs to make many changes on your website & you need to know the steps as we proceed. And itís the SEO expertís duty to communicate with you every time before making any changes. So, the SEO Expert needs to have great communication skills to keep the client updated.

Research & Action

Research is very important to know about each industry and market, competitor analysis, and the latest techniques in search optimization. Because without knowing all of the following you can go to a whole new level that puts you above your competition. An SEO consultant must need to have research and data analysis skills for best ranking.

Data Analysis

An Expert should know how to read and analysis data. Experts always work based on available data and statistics.

We are An Austin City SEO Expert, offering SEO services for all industries to grow their customer base. Our long-term SEO strategy can help you to drive quality traffic, generate leads and increase sales to grow your online business.

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